Creating The Next Generation of Women Investors Guest Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann

Chelsea is the president of  Keep Families Giving Foundation community which currently works with a portfolio of 50 next-generation philanthropists and 50 mentors on various social good initiatives and projects. In collaboration with the KFG Foundation Board and the Next-Gen Advisory Board, Chelsea makes the investment and giving decisions of the foundation while also helping provide insights and learning opportunities for next-gen leaders championing various social good causes.

  1. Tell Us About Yourself & Background?
  2. Why did you start your Family Foundation?
  3. Why is it important to you to create the next gen of women investors?
  4. What is your Mission, Vision & Goals For Your Foundation?
  5. You where quoted saying “You’re never too young to become a philanthropist” Tell me what you mean by this?
  6. How Can Family Foundations get involved as women?
  7. Why are you passionate about women causes?
  8. You severed on a broad called “ I Live Here I Give Here” Tell me about this?
  9. Why is Austin so important to you?
  10. Tell Our Listeners something they would find unique about you?

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