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Empowering Women to Build Wealth Step-by-Step
The economic tides are shifting. Today, women hold a significant portion of the world’s wealth. Yet, many women have not been taught how to manage their wealth and finances in the most beneficial way.

Investment education is severely lacking for women, causing women to lose out on valuable opportunities that could help them build their wealth and enrich their lives.

This podcast seeks to change that by educating women on every step of the investment podcast.
Educating Female Investors
The Female Investor Podcast is for women who want to learn everything they can about how to build wealth and secure their financial future.

Whether you are already a savvy investor or are just getting started, this podcast is for you. Our episodes cover the basics of investing along with the strategies every female investor should know to maximize their investment and get the most out of their money. You’ll learn about hidden opportunities and alternative types of investments that aren’t available or openly discussed in public spaces.

Our guests are women just like you who wanted to learn more about finance instead of turning their wealth over to someone else. They took matters into their own hands to discover ways to invest their money and secure their future.

Every week, our guests share their stories of success and triumph, as well as the twists and turns they have encountered along the way to help you learn what steps to take and what to avoid when investing.

Join host Rose Vitale as she guides you through the vital stages of investing and talks to women who have been where you are now and understand what it takes to get where you want to be.
Join Our Growing Community
Our community of female investors continues to grow, and we want you to be a part of it! If you are a female investor with a story to share, contact us today to learn more about becoming a guest on our show.

Meet Our Host

Rose Vitale

Rose Vitale is a serial entrepreneur and long-time investor. As an industry leader, she has invested in over 50+ private companies over the past 10 years. She has vast experience in building her own corporate empires as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, as well as helping small businesses maximize their full potential.

Rose is passionate about helping women learn how to take control of their wealth through investing. Her goal is to educate women so they can become successful investors.
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Our Goals For women

who we are

We are a community of investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who want to educate women on the best ways to invest their money to build wealth and take control of their finances.

Our Mission

To build a robust network of high-powered female investors who understand how to make smart investment decisions to maximize their ROI and secure their financial future.

Our Vision

Female Investor Podcast envisions a new world where women speed past traditional roadblocks to reach a high level of financial success through smart investment opportunities.

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