How To Be Your Own CFO As A Woman

Steffi Baker teaches women how to be their own CFO using the knowledge of investing and wealth management she’s gained over 10-plus years of working with high net worth individuals and family offices around the world.

Steffi grew up in MIlwaukee and attended College in California. She started her career as a writer and shifted into a career in high tech in Silicon Valley. After the tech bubble burst, she moved first to Salt Lake City to skate in the Olympic opening ceremony and then to London to earn an MBA at Edinburgh Business School. As a business school student, she discovered she had a passion for being involved with wealth creators and understanding the business of wealth management. 

She’s been a strategy consultant, publisher and editor and now focuses on taking the life and business lessons she’s learned as a competitive figure skater into helping female wealth creators and wealth beneficiaries develop confidence, competence and a peer community that supports them in investing at higher levels. 

  1. How do men and women approach investing differently? 
  2. What are the reasons women don’t invest more?  
  3. We know about the gender pay gap. What about the gender wealth gap? What is it? 
  4. What are the Four Pillars of Female Wealth? 
  5. How can the Four Pillars help various groups of women eliminate the wealth gap?  
  6. I’ve heard it said that the future of wealth is female – do you agree, and why? 
  7. What can women do right now to start changing how they invest?

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